Board Members | Masjid Al-Huda

Masjid Al-Huda is operated with the generous participation and support of it's Board of Members.
Here is the list of current Board Members.

Dr. Ahmed Aidoo

Chairman Of the Board of Trustee

Br. Said Elreby


Br. Wajid Mohamed

Vice President & Trustee

Br. Fazil Amin

Secretary & Treasurer

Br. Omar Hanafi

Project Manager - Masjid Construction

Br. Sahadat Baksh

Community Chairman

Dr. Akbar Qureshi

Board of Trustee

Wael Elfakir

Committee Members - Community Outreach

Br. Siddiqui Baburi

Education Director

Hafiz Asif Nadat


Br. Daniel Ortiz

Committee Members

Br. Nazim Husanini

Committee Members

Br. Ali Husanini

Committee Members

Br. Sahadat Baksh


Br. Fazil Amin


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